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Active Pattern Continues, Bigger Storm Possible Next Week


Off and on snow will continue this week and into next week as well. These storms will be on the warmer side and snow levels will stay relatively high. Beginning this weekend, a colder airmass will move into most of the region, and snow will follow. By the early/middle part of next week, a stronger storm is possible with significant snow totals.

Short Term Forecast

Before we get into the snowy details, here is another look at the steep and deep line from Utah last week. 

Light Snow Continues, with a Significant Storm Possible Early Next Week

It has been a warm fall and a weak start to winter, and as a result, less than 5% of European ski resorts are open. Some resorts have been forced to delay opening, due to a lack of snow, including Val Thorens in France. The current pattern will continue to add moderate amounts of snow, but the storm next week could have a greater impact on getting more resorts open. Currently, the models are showing no signs of putting an end to this active and snowy pattern. Early in the season, I like the small storms. They build up the base, but they're not so big that I wish there was already a base so I could chase. The repeated small to moderate sized storms are exactly how I want the mountains to build their base. Below is the forecast snow totals from the European model through Wednesday the 23rd. Snow totals are a bit hard to predict 7+ days out, but I wanted to show you the potential totals during this period including the larger storm early next week. Read on for details.

Forecast for Thursday 11/17 - Saturday 11/19

The next wave of snow will begin in the Alps and Pyrenees in the evening on Thursday the 17th. While heaviest snow will be falling Thursday through Friday, some high elevation snow showers could linger through Saturday. Totals will be greatest in the upper elevations of the Western Alps, where 25-35 cms could fall. See the snow totals below.

Forecast for Sunday 11/20 - Monday 11/21

There won't be much of a break from Saturday to Sunday, as another weak wave of snow moves in. On the plus side, there will be more cold air with this round of snow and thus lower snow levels. Starting in the Pyrenees in the morning and the Alps in the afternoon, this event will wrap up on Monday. The snow will be focused more on the central and eastern Alps, and the totals will be even less than the previous event. Expect 10-20 cms in the upper elevations of the Alps and a few cms in the Pyrenees. Snow levels will generally be around 1200m for this event. Below are the predicted snow totals.

Forecast for Tuesday 11/22 - Thursday 11/24

Now onto the main event. At the beginning of next week a stronger and colder storm will move in from the West, packing considerably more moisture than the previous two rounds of snow. This event will begin on Monday and should last through Thursday. With the colder temperatures, snow will pile up in the Dinaric Alps, in addition to the Alps and the Pyrenees. The highest totals will be in the the Dinaric Alps and Pyrenees, and the higher elevations of the western Alps, where up to 60 cms could fall.  Snow levels will generally be around 1500m for this event for all locations. Check out the snowmap below.

Extended Forecast

Outlook for Friday 11/25 - Friday 11/29

Beyond the series of storms beginning Thursday and lasting through the 24th, there may be a brief break in the stormy weather. However, models indicate a potential return to an active pattern to close out the month. As always, I will provide updates on that, and the other storms, in the days to come.

Thanks again for reading the forecast. It's great to see consistent snow in the coming days. Follow me @lstone84 on Instagram to track and chase storms all Winter long!