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The Alps Attack Has Arrived


Heavy snow is underway in the eastern Alps, with a lot more to come. The first wave is hammering the mountains as I write this, and two more heavy waves are expected over the next week. Totals are still expected to surpass 1m and potentially approach 2m in the deepest zones.


Below are a few weather stations from the Salzburg region in the Alps, showing deep totals already.

And here is a show from earlier today at Rittisberg, Austria.

Forecast for Thursday 2/2 - Monday 2/6

As mentioned, we are only in phase one of this storm, with two additional heavy rounds of snow. The previous forecast is on track, with several deep powder days to come in the Austrian Alps. In this post, I will simply adjust some of the timing/totals. Snow from this first wave will continue through the end of the day on Friday, with 30-60 cms more including today.

On Friday night, the next wave moves in, with little or no break for much of the Austrian Alps. Round two will last through Saturday night and perhaps into the morning hours on Sunday. Expect another 25 - 50 cms from this pulse.

From Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon, a final wave of snow will move through the Alps. The heaviest snow will be a bit farther west, and another 15-30 cms are possible. The eastern half of the Swiss Alps will will get in on the action too, while the Austrian Alps continue to get more snow. 

Forecast for Thursday 2/7 - Monday 2/11

Once this epic storm wraps up, theres could be some light snow/snow showers on Tuesday, favoring the southern/eastern side of the Alps, mainly in Italy. Beyond that, it does look like a ridge will build back in over the region. For the remainder of the week and through the weekend, I don't see any precipitation at the moment. The next chance for significant snow looks to be around the 17th, but I will have an update on that in a future post.

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