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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 5 months ago September 21, 2023

Low Elevation Dump In Scandinavia!


Heavy snow fell in Sweden and Finland earlier this week, reminding us that winter is coming soon. I have some photos to share from the recent snow. Moving forward, a fairly cold September storm will being the chance for accumulating snow at high elevations in France, Switzerland, and Austria.

Short Term Forecast

A significant storm delivered impressive September snow totals across Finland and Sweden earlier this week. Up to 35 cms fell in Kiruna in Northern Sweden on Tuesday at low elevations. Check out the shots below.

I am not sure they were ready for a big September snowfall, but I would be thrilled about it. This was the deepest accumulation of snow in the city this early in the season since 1905! Since plow contracts hadn't begun yet, many roads were not cleared causing bus and school transport headaches. 

Levi Resort, in Finland, saw accumulating snow as well. Check out a few webcam shots below.

Levi, the largest resort in Finland, will open on October 6, 2023, in only 14 days. 

Looking toward the end of the week, a fairly cold storm will impact the French, Swiss, and Austrian Alps. Precipitation will begin today, with a cold front arriving fast approaching. By Friday morning temperatures will be below freezing at 3000 m, and snow levels will continue to drop (down to 2100 m) through Saturday. This will allow for accumulating snow above 2100 m on Friday and Saturday.

Check out the snow forecast below.

Above 2700 m in Switzerland, near Disentis, Flims Laax Falera, and Braunwald could see significant snow, between 15 - 30 cms. Overall though I am expecting < 12 cms. Engelberg and Pitztal could do pretty well also. A few cms are likely at Chamonix as well, with flakes flying across a large part of the Alps due to the cold temperatures. 

Daily forecasts will start some time in the first half of October. Thanks for reading the Europe daily snow! Follow me @lstone84 on Instagram to track and chase storms all Winter long! 


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