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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 2 months ago November 30, 2023

Latest Major Snowstorm Underway Across the Alps


The third major winter storm in less than a week is underway across the western Alps. After as much as 80 cms fell across mid-elevations in the French Alps over the last three days, this same area will be slammed again. This storm will feature warmer temepratures an dhigher snow levels, but mid and upper elevations will see another huge dump.

Short Term Forecast

The Alps conitnue to enjoy one of the best early seasons in recent memory, with dep snow across all of the northern Alps. Yesterday was another November pow day in France, Switzerland, and Austria. We're right back at it though with the next storm already bringing snow to the region.

There aren't many changes from yesterday's forecast. A lot of moisture is headed to the Alps over the next three days, however snow levels will climb through Thursday night. Snow levels will top out around 2200m on in the French and western Swiss Alps. It won't get quite as warm, and will cool off sooner, in the Austrian Alps, with snow levels topping out around 1600m.

Snow levels will top out around 2000 - 2200 m in the French and western Swiss Alps, and around 1700 - 1800 m in the Austrian Alps. As a result, snow totals at lower elevations will be considerably lower, and concerns for avalanches and even land slides will be on the rise.

If anything, the storm looks a little bit stronger today. A large part of the French Alps will see 40 - 80 cms + at mid-mountain, and likely well over meter at higher elevations in the Hautes-Alpes, Haute-Savoie, and Isere regions. The Swiss Alps will get hammered too, with 30 - 60 cms + expected in the Wallis, Graubunden, and Vaud regions. Thsi storm will deliver more impressive totals in the western Austrian Alps as well, with 25 - 50 cms of new snow, while the northern side ofthe Austrian Alps in general should see 15 - 30 cms. 

The more southerly storm track will bring a longer perod of southwest winds that will deilver some big totals to the southern side of the Alps as well. The Karnten and southwestern Salzberg regions in Austria and the Sondrio region in Italy, should now see 25 - 50 cms overall with some locations potentially approaching 70 cms.

Below is the latest snowfall forecast from the European model, with the areas favored by southwest flow shown.

Some decent totals are expected in the Pyrenees too, as a period of northwest flow sets up while the upper-level low digs south. A solid 15 - 30 cms for the western Pyrenees and 5 - 15 cms elsewhere.

Extended Forecast

I don't see any signs of a ridge in the long range, with storms possible early and mid next week. These don't look huge at this time, but with a trend for stronger storms as we get closer, its worth keeping an eye on.

Thanks for reading the Europe Daily Snow! 

Luke Stone
Forecaster, OpenSnow


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