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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 2 months ago February 14, 2024

Late Weekend Storm Trending A Bit Stronger


Warm and mostly dry conditions will persist through the rest of the week and most of the weekend as well. A weak storm will cross the Alps later in the weekend, bringing a round of accumulating snow. A stronger storm is possible around the 23rd as the potential pattern change may arrive a few days earlier than expected.

Short Term Forecast

The weather will be pretty boring over the next five days, with just a chance for some spotty snow showers Friday night and Saturday. The next chance for accumulating snow will be later in the weekend. Some of the models have trended a bit stronger with this storm, now showing the potential for 5 - 15 cms with some isolated spots seeing up to 20 cms. 

I have been talking about a pattern change for the latter part of the month, and as of today, this change is now within the ten-day deterministic model runs. Now that these models are in range, the only thing I'm noticing is that they're bringing in the next storm a bit earlier. The start time of the next storm is likely to change given it's still ten days out, but the models generally agree on the storm arriving early Friday morning on the 23rd. 

Below you can see the deterministic model agreement for the timing and track of this storm on the 22nd. 

The main question with this storm, which should arrive from the west, will once again revolve around the southerly extent of the storm track. This would favor the western Alps or the southern Alps. The main difference between the models at this point is that the European model is farther north. This ultimately could be a significant factor in who gets the most snow, but its too early to focus on that right now. This storm should bring in some cold air and has the potential to stick around for several days. Those are the only details I can discuss right now.

I'll take another look at this tomorrow. 

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