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Sunday Snow


It should be cold and snowy on Sunday. Cold weather for Monday before a warming trend for the middle of next week. Should be plenty sunny through most of next week before a weak storm could come through on Friday and another one lined up for the following Sunday and Monday...

Short Term Forecast

Sunday Snow

The forecast is largely unchanged. Still expecting snow to move in sometime earlier this afternoon and last through the evening. It will be quite cold today with highs only in the 20's and teens. Lows tonight will be in the single digits. 

Winds are currently out of the Southwest around 40 MPH but they could gust up to 50 MPH later this morning. A wind shift out of East Northeast should occur later this afternoon, possible after lifts close with more gusty 40 - 50 MPH winds. 

Overall, the models have stayed about the same, but a bit of an upslope Easterly component to the wind it's possible we could see a little more snow. My forecast stays the same with 2 - 4 inches at Main Lodge by Monday morning and 3 - 6 on the summit. It will be the final snowfall for January and we'll be sealing our fate as the 2nd snowiest January since accurate records back to 1969-70. 

Monday - Thursday 

It will be very cold on Monday with highs only in the teens and single digits. Winds will be gusty out of the Northeast around 40 MPH. The sun should be out by Monday morning as well. 

Tuesday through Thursday we should see a warming trend with highs reaching the upper 20's and low 30's. 30 MPH Northeast winds are still possible on the summit on Tuesday before calming on Wednesday. They could pick back up again on Thursday ahead of the next weak system gusting up to 35 MPH out of the Southwest. 

Overall should be mostly sunny sunny days and great conditions. 

Extended Forecast

The potential weak storm for next Friday February 3rd is still showing up on some of the models. On others it is not, so no consensus on that one yet. If it does happen I really don't see it being very exciting since I'm expecting an inch or 2 at best. 

The more interesting and wetter storm is showing up more consistently on the models the last 2 days and that's for Sunday into Monday of next week. So that's February 5th and 6th. This could be a moderate storm, but the models have been struggling with the exact timing and track of this one as well. 

I'll keep you posted on the details of these upcoming storms. 

Till the next one... Mike out.