Mammoth Daily Snow

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Mostly Sunny Days


We stay cold and clear through the next couple days. After a warmup over the middle of the week we'll see more wind and maybe a stray snow shower on Friday. Another quick warmup and dry out on Saturday before a more moderate storm comes through on Sunday. We likely dry out again next week..

Short Term Forecast

Storm & January Recap

The storm came through and performed exactly as forecasted and expected. I'm seeing 4 inches for Main Lodge and 6 inches up on the summit. Perfect forecast for me! This will be the last snowfall for this incredible January that we've had.

We're finishing this January with the 2nd largest amount of snowfall on the mtn since accurate records were kept back to the 1969- 1970 season. I know that the winter of 1968 - 1969 was a big one but unfortunately I do not have accurate records for that season or any seasons prior, but if any of you readers do or know where I can get them please reach out! With that said our total comes out to 208 inches for the month! The 2nd biggest January and the 4th biggest month dating back to the 69 - 70 season. 

For reference I'd like to point out that our January average is about 71 inches, so we received 293% of that! And currently we are sitting at 217% of average for the date! We've been above 200% for quite some time now and in the last 2 storms we broke past our entire seasonal snowfall average of 348 inches! Currently we are at 385 inches. So we're right around 111% of our entire seasonal average. 

So even if we didn't see any additional snow the entire rest of the season (Don't worry... that's exceptionally unlikely!) we're already going to end this season above average. That's the first time for us since the winter of 2018-2019. And the first time ending January with already above the seasonal average since the infamous 2016-2017 season, which not so unexpectedly featured not only our biggest January but also our biggest month! 

So... all in all we're doing quite well this season and with more snow coming we're going to keep adding to our above average snowfall! 

Monday - Friday 

The weather over the next 5 days can be summed up pretty quickly. Sunny and mostly cold. Monday will be the coldest day with temps in the low teens and single digits. Highs will continue to warm throughout the week with 20's by Tuesday and 30's by Wednesday and Thursday. 

Winds stay a bit gusty today, Monday out of the East Northeast around 30 - 40 MPH. Tomorrow, Tuesday will feature more similar windy conditions calmer conditions Wednesday and Thursday. 

By Friday though we have a weak storm approaching. I'm still weary of anything more than a dusting to an inch but the winds will be picking up by Thursday night. 50+ MPH gusts are quite possible by Friday morning out of the Southwest. 

We also cool down significantly on Friday as the storm system approaches. Highs will be back in the teens and low 20's. 

I'm really not expecting much out of the Friday system but if that changed I'll be sure to update you on it. 

Extended Forecast

Going into next weekend things do get a bit more interesting. After a break on Saturday with sunny and nicer weather I do think we'll see a better storm by next Sunday February 5th. Now this doesn't mean it's a major storm but it could do even a little better than the one we just have come through. 

Going into the following week, the 2nd week of February I see us drying out again. There's still a chance we could see weak and drier systems. We're in a classic La Nina pattern where we see plenty of colder air and below average temps and weak and moisture starved systems that drop down through the Great Basin. 

I believe this overall pattern will stay about the same going through most of February. 

I'll let you know when things change up a bit. 

Till the next one... Mike out.