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A Strengthening Storm


A couple more quieter and calmer days before the Saturday night/Sunday storm. We should see double digit snowfall from this storm before we dry out again most of next week. Our next shot of a pattern change will be the 2nd weekend of February.

Short Term Forecast

Wednesday - Friday 

We have a few pretty nice days to get through before we get our weekend storm. Highs will be in the mid to upper 30's Wednesday and Thursday of this week. By Friday we get a bit of a cool down with highs in the low 30's and 20's.. 

there should be plenty of sun over the next few days with more clouds on Thursday and Friday. The very weak Friday system is not likely to bring more than clouds and some wind. At this time even a stray shower is unlikely but I'll let you know if that changes. 

Summit winds will be gusty Thursday evening and Friday during the day. 40 - 50 MPH gusts out of the Southwest are likely. 

Saturday - Sunday 

A moderate storm approaches the region by Saturday. Winds will be getting gusty again out of the Southwest up to 65MPH. Highs will drop down into the 20's and clouds will be streaming over the region. 

This storm has trended wetter the last few days so I'm getting more confident we'll see double digit totals. Saturday night and through Sunday afternoon we should see our best chances for heavy snowfall. Temps will be cold on Sunday as well into the teens. Winds will continuing gusting up to 40 MPH over the summit Sunday morning out of the West Southwest. 

Snow levels will be below all the bases and lower down to 4K FT by Sunday morning and will likely drop to 3K by Sunday evening. 

Snowfall Forecast

At this time I'm seeing models showing around an inch of liquid on the mtn. At 10:1 you know the drill, that's 10 inches. But with slightly higher snow to water ratios of 11 to 15:1 we could see a bit more than that. 

My initial forecast is for 8 - 12 inches at Main Lodge and 10 - 15 inches for the summit by Monday morning. So part of that falls Saturday night and the rest during the day on Sunday. 

Saturday will a windy day up on the summit and Sunday should be a pretty decent storm day with hopefully lighter winds overall but lifts could be affected. 

Extended Forecast

Fresh Tracks!

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