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Well folks, this is it...this is my final post. 

A team of folks from Plymouth State University approached Joel earlier in January and offered to help with the Daily Snow postings for New England. The decision was made by Joel for these folks to completely take over both The New Hampshire & Maine Daily Snow, as well as the Vermont & Northern New York Daily Snow starting at the beginning of February. I'm sure that details on all of this will be forthcoming, but do know that this is not the end of updates here, it's just the end of me writing those updates.

It's been a pleasure writing for all of you over the last several years. It's been particularly rewarding to start the New England updates from nothing a few years ago, and build an audience to what it is now. Although my other commitments that pay the bills and further my career goals have prevented me from updating on a daily basis, I hope that you have found what I have been able to write insightful and valuable. 

So again, thanks for reading and thanks for participating through the comments and the emails that you have sent me. I imagine that Joel will keep my OpenSnow email address active for at least a little while, so if you need or want to reach me you can do so at [email protected].

As always...THINK SNOW!