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By Joonas Kortelainen, Forecaster Posted 18 days ago February 13, 2024

Decent refresh throughout week


Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, a storm moves NE over Sweden producing decent light powder snow with high winds, unfortunately. The SW Norwegian coast gets intermittent snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday two new storms lands on the SW coast and the NW coast.

Short Term Forecast

On Tuesday 13th, the storm that landed on the SW coast of Norway on Monday keeps moving NE producing decent amounts of snow in central Sweden throughout the day. As the moist maritime air moves inland, it meets cold Arctic air, resulting in light powder snow. The snowfall rate can be fairly intense at times and strong ridge-top winds are associated with the storm as it passes. A trailing front lands on the SW and central Norwegian coast in the morning bringing up to 10cm of snow on the thicker side. 

On Wednesday 14th the storm makes its way into Norrland by noon and Finnish Lapland eventually in the evening. Most of the oomph of the storm has snowed on the coast and central Sweden, and without open water sources on the way, the Northern parts of Scandinavia get trace. After the storm has passed an area, the winds settle to moderate levels. Wednesday should be a good day in S and central Sweden and the SW Norwegian coast to score some fresh turns once the winds settle. The northern part of Scandinavia will experience strong S winds. The SW and central coast can experience intermittent snow throughout the day from the leftovers of the storm. 

Check out the snow forecast from the European model below:

Thursday looks to be another good opportunity to harvest some fresh turns on snow from the previous days. Winds should be light on the Norwegian coast and most of Sweden. Winds will be light for most of Scandinavia, although Finnish Lapland and the NW Norwegian coast can experience strong SW ridge-top winds. 

On Friday 16th in the early morning hours, a warmer storm lands on the SW coast, but at the moment the track will be eastern along the southern end of Scandinavia and the most southern resorts in Norway and Sweden will be favored for snow. On the NW coast, a weak storm can bring 5-10cm in the Tromsø area during the day favoring W aspects. 

The tracks for the two storms in the SW and NW will favor W aspects. 

Most snow will fall near the Southernmost Norwegian resorts. 

Extended Forecast

The models still show a ridge developing in Europe, but models have trended towards the ridge settling over the UK and Western Europe. If this plays out, the ridge can steer storms towards Scandinavia throughout the weekend and early week. Looks like we are in a slight warming trend in general. 

We'll check back on the development of the pattern in the next forecast which will be on Friday. 

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Joonas Kortelainen

Forecaster, OpenSnow


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