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By Joonas Kortelainen, Forecaster Posted 2 months ago February 16, 2024

Warm storm in SW cools off as it tracks NE


The warm and moist low-pressure system that landed on the SW coast of Norway on Thursday evening will move across Scandinavia throughout Friday and Saturday, resulting in rising freezing levels and intense precipitation on the SW coast and S Sweden. Over the weekend, NW Norway gets refreshed with light powder snow.

Short Term Forecast

During Friday 16th:

  • On the SW coast of Norway precipitation that started as snow, changes to rain in the morning, and freezing levels spike up to 1700m on the southern part of the coast around noon resulting in rain up to ridge-top for some hours. Røldal and nearby resorts will get mostly sleet and rain. Freezing levels drop down towards the evening. A little further up north, Myrkdalen, Sogndal, and the inland resorts of Geilo and Hemsedal get mostly snow. Snow accumulation can be 20-35cm in the most exposed locations. Friday should be a good storm skiing day for the colder inland locations since winds should be moderate. 
  • In Sweden, the southernmost resorts like Branäs experience freezing levels spike up above 1000m for a brief period, but Vemdalen and resorts further north stay cool during the storm, and snow quality is lighter. Resorts in central Sweden can get 10-15cm of low-density snow. Winds increase to moderate-strong levels during the evening. Best powder skiing should be during the morning and early afternoon. 
  • Northern Finland starts to get light snow during late evening when the storm reaches the area. 
  • On the NW coast of Norway, a polar low on the northern Norwegian Sea brings a short-lived snowstorm during Friday evening. 

The storm is on a Northeastern track over Scandinavia, bringing precipitation to most of central Sweden and Finland over Friday and Saturday.

Check out the latest snow forecast from the European model below. Keep in mind, that the southern parts of SW Norway (such as Røldal) experience high freezing levels during the storm. 

On Saturday 17th:

  • Central and NW Norwegian coast get 5-10cm of light powder snow throughout the day with moderate NW winds at the ridge top. NW aspects will be favored for snow accumulation. 
  • Finnish Lapland receives low-density snow with strong N winds into the evening with accumulations of 5-10cm possible. Ski in the morning to get the best snow.
  • Central Sweden experiences a windy day at ridge-top, with N-NW winds blowing strong. 

Check out the snow forecast for Saturday:

Sunday 18th:

  • SW Norway experiences another warm storm starting in the morning. Freezing levels can rise up to around 500m on the coast for a brief period and 5-15cm of snow can accumulate at higher elevations.
  • The NW coast of Norway gets decent 5-10cm of light powder snow throughout the day with moderate NW winds at the ridge-top. NW aspects are favored again for snow accumulation. 

Monday 19th looks fairly eventless in terms of snow accumulation in Scandinavia. The central and NW Norwegian coast can get a small refresh throughout the day, but other areas get trace at most. 

Extended Forecast

All of the ensemble models currently show the ridge of high-pressure building up over Russia, and a trough building up over Scandinavia and central Europe. This should result in a series of storms heading for Scandinavia throughout next week. 

We'll update on the outlook on Saturday.

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Joonas Kortelainen

Forecaster, OpenSnow


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