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By Joonas Kortelainen, Forecaster Posted 1 month ago February 26, 2024

Two storms incoming for the SW


The NW and central coast of Norway receive decent snow from a cold front on Monday. Tuesday and Thursday bring two new storms on the SW Norwegian coast that trend warm towards later week. A ridge of high pressure continues to build up towards late week bringing drier and settled weather.

Short Term Forecast

On Monday 26th a cold front brings snow to the central and NW Norwegian coast with a cooling trend towards the evening.

  • On the central Norwegian coast, freezing levels are around 300-400m and 200-300m in the NW during the morning. By evening freezing levels drop down to sea level and the snow quality trends lighter throughout the day. Narvik and Tromsø areas can get 5-10 cm of thick snow by evening. The storm track will favor NW and W aspects. Ridgetop winds should be moderate throughout the day. 
  • On the SW coast skies trend clearer towards afternoon.
  • Skies should clear in Sweden towards the afternoon and light-moderate ridgetop winds together with mild temperatures make for a decent ski day at the slopes
  • In western Finnish Lapland moderate winds trend lighter towards the afternoon and the sun might come out. 

Check out the latest snow forecast from the European model below. Areas around Svartisen will experience the highest snowfall but 5-10cm can be expected in the central and NW coastal areas. 

On Tuesday 27th another low-pressure system lands on the SW Norwegian coast in the afternoon. The SW coast will experience precipitation extending to Wednesday evening. Freezing levels are at 200-300m at the start of the storm and trend higher towards Wednesday. Unfortunately, as the storm approaches the coast winds pick up to strong levels on the coast towards the afternoon and in Sweden and Northern Finland towards the evening. 

On Wednesday 28th further warming continues and precipitation will continue falling mostly on the Norwegian SW coast with freezing levels approaching 500-600m. Winds are weaker than on Tuesday. Wednesday looks like a decent storm skiing day on the SW coast! At this point in the forecasts, it looks like 20-35cm of snow can fall by evening at the coastal resorts.  

The SW coastal resorts receive most of the precipitation on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday 29th another even warmer low-pressure system is on track for SW Norway bringing precipitation extending into Friday with increasing freezing levels. At this point looks like the ridge of high pressure to the east will block the storm from reaching further into Scandinavia. 

The successive storms affecting mostly SW Norway throughout the week can be seen below:

Extended Forecast

All the models show the ridge of high pressure strengthening over eastern Scandinavia well into March. Looks like a mild and drier pattern is ahead for a while for most of Scandinavia. 

Thanks for reading Scandinavia Daily Snow. The next update will be on Thursday.

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