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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 4 months ago November 1, 2023

Historic Storm Delivers Massive Totals and Shuts Down Resorts


The incredible storm came through over the weekend and had a significant impact on the planned closing weekend. While one resort decided to close early, another extended its season. Read on for details.

Short Term Forecast

Unfortunately, the heavy snow and strong winds from the storm caused Corralco to shut down early, and forego its closing weekend. The conditions forced Volcan Osorno to shut down too, but they extended their season through November 5th and opened up on Tuesday after the storm ended. This storm was deep and cold with very low snow levels.

Check out some shots from Volcan Osorno below.

(Photos courtesy of Volcan Osorno on Instagram)

Unfortunately, another warm storm is possible for this closing weekend, with rain likely. We will have to see what they do, but at least they were open Tuesday through Friday this week. 

Snow reports and photos were tough to find at this point of the season, but I did see reports of at least 30 - 60 cms in Chile. Since Volcan Osorno is staying open for bit longer, I will continue to provide updates, followed by a season wrap up sometime next week.

Thanks for reading the South America Daily Snow! Check out this short clip from this past weekend in Aspen, where nearly 3 feet of snow fell in twenty-four hours. Follow me @lstone84 on Instagram to track and chase storms all winter long!

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