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By Mike Korotkin, Meteorologist Posted 1 month ago February 21, 2024

The Storm Wraps Up Wednesday


A final snow shower or 2 is possible Wednesday morning before the storm finally clears out over the afternoon. We get a string of warmer days through the weekend with the sun over the next 2 and clouds over the weekend. Early next week we have a chance to see more precip and more later in the week, but there's no definitive agreement on the models yet for timing or severity so we'll have to see.

Short Term Forecast

Storm Update 

The mtns. are all reporting snow this morning! Mtn. High is coming in with 2 - 3 inches. Snow Valley is reporting 3 inches as of yesterday afternoon, and the other Big Bear resorts are reporting 5 inches from yesterday afternoon. I'm guessing more fell overnight but they have not reported it yet. 

Mt. Baldy the big winner is reporting 6 inches at the Notch and closer to 10 inches up on Thunder Mtn! That was also from yesterday afternoon's report. All of these numbers are likely higher than what I'm typing here but since I need to get to work I'm using the latest available data to me. 

Storm Wraps Up Wednesday 

Check out the precip that's forecasted for the rest of this storm below from the GFS & Euro models:

As you can see that's not much for the rest of the day. Over the last 24 hours the storm really took a quicker departure so it's likely that my forecast from yesterday will still hold since I accounted for some lower totals. And who knows with the lower snow levels yesterday evening some of the resorts could easily get into my range. 

As for the forecast for the rest of today, a general 1 - 2 inches for everyone is still possible. I wouldn't expect much but a heavier convective shower could come through and drop a quick inch or so. Winds should be coming down throughout the day into the 15 - 20 MPH range out of the West so the day could set up nicely for some fresh skiing on whatever fell yesterday afternoon and overnight. 

Thursday - Sunday Drier Weather 

The graphic above shows the forecast for Snow Valley over the next 5 days. You can see we dry out and clear out quickly by Thursday. We should see partly sunny skies through Friday with more cloudy conditions over the weekend. Overall though it's not likely we see any more preicp going into the weekend. Temps will go into the mid to upper 40's by the weekend. 

A cut-off low off the coast will keep the clouds rolling into the region but it should stay far enough off the coast to prevent much, if any precip from reaching us. As you can see the snow levels would be quite high anyway. 

Extended Forecast

I'm showing the GFS & European Ensemble runs since I think they are coming into slightly better agreement. 

The Euro puts in a storm around the Tuesday/Wednesday time frame of next week while the GFS has it slightly earlier, bu the Euro has higher totals than the GFS. But after that, both models suggest we could see a little more precip the first weekend of March but there's not a cohesive storm train or pattern that either model shows. 

That implies confidence is pretty low for anything significant next week. It's likely we'll see something but what that something is, still isn't quite clear. 

I'll keep you posted. 

Till the next one... Mike out. 


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