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Hundreds of Mountain Weather Forecasts Now Available on OpenSummit

Greetings Snow Lovers! I hope you've all had a great summer and like me, are anxiously awaiting the first snow of the season.

Quick update today to chat about the latest release for our summer app, OpenSummit. We first launched OpenSummit during the fall of 2016 as your home to find hourly weather forecasts for Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks, or as they're most commonly known, the 14ers.

Our latest release (v1.3.1) has increased the number of available mountain weather forecasts to nearly 1,000 locations across the United States.

Hourly weather forecasts for the Grand Teton, Denali, Mount Washington, and even Hawkeye Point, Iowa can all be found with a quick search on the Explore screen. 

Hourly lightning, precipitation, temperatures, and wind speeds for the next two days are free and you can view the 3-5 day forecast by upgrading to OpenSummit All-Access for $19.99/year.

And what you see today is still just the beginning. An Android app, expanded website, and even more detailed forecasts will be available come Spring 2019 to help you plan your next outdoor adventure.

Download OpenSummit on the iOS App Store today.

Have a great rest of your summer and we'll see you right back here when the snow begins to fly in a few short months!


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