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Sunny today thru Friday. A weak system will bring the threat of showers to the region this weekend, snow levels will be very high. Generally quiet pattern for the rest of April.

Short Term Forecast

Note: Tomorrow (Thursday), I will be doing a full season wrap-up and looking at where we are in terms of snowpack, how this season skied (from my perspective), and how it compares to previous seasons.  

Yesterday's storm is complete.  Little Cottonwood Canyon saw the most snow and ended with almost 20" of snow from close to 2" of liquid.  The snow skied great early yesterday but got a bit manky in the afternoon as it got tracked out and compressed by a caustic April sun (even thru the clouds).  The storm has departed and we are left with some strange, foreign looking skies out there today.  A weird deep shade of blue seems to be above most mountains. Here it is at Alta: 

And Sundance: 

And Snowbasin: 

And even PowMow: 

No word yet on what is causing the sky to appear so blue, we are told that investigators are still looking into it.  

All joking aside, it really does seem like forever since I've looked at the Utah webcam array on OpenSnow and seen blue skies and bluebird conditions throughout the state.  We seem to always be dealing with clouds associated with an arriving, on-going, or departing storm.  

We should remain sunny thru Friday.  If you're resort is closing this weekend, this may be your last chance to get some sunshine turns before the end.  This weekend we will have a weak system bring some light showers to the area, there's a chance it could be a damper on some closing day festivities.  

At best, we will probably see just an inch or two of dense snow at the very highest elevations this weekend.  A look at the GEFS ensembles shows pretty meager moisture: 

So perhaps enough to compromise closing weekend festivities, but not enough to do us any real good in terms of fresh snow....

Extended Forecast

Next week looks quiet.  Generally, the rest of April should be quiet.  GFS is hinting at a chance for some additional storminess around the turn of the month, but that's still a long way out.  

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