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Our weak storm managed to bring generally 1-4" of new snow, but the exception was LCC with 9" of new snow. More chances for snow this weekend.


Surprise! I woke up to see quite the pleasant surprise in LCC! 9" of new snow. Just watch it pile up:

Other areas didn't have the orographic benefits of LCC and saw less snow with 1-4" outside of LCC -- so closer in line with the forecast. 

Speaking for forecast, I actually accidentally fell asleep after my alarm went off this morning so I haven't had time to look at the data yet. A quick glance and I can see that nothing huge has changed from yesterday's forecast. We should have chances for mostly modest storms this weekend into early next week. I'm hoping to get some time midday today to look at those more closely. 

For now, let's go enjoy the surprise powder! 

Evan | OpenSnow