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Snowy and Cold Sunday


More snow has fallen, especially up north. Snow continues today and sags south through Utah into tonight before exiting by Monday. A cold and dry week ahead. Next chance for storms will be early next week.

Short Term Forecast

Snow continued yesterday with an additional 3-8" falling during the day yesterday. Then, the next system draped a band of snow over far northern Utah last night and places like Beaver Mountain, Cherry Peak, Powder Mountain, and Snowbasin saw totals ranging from 6-12". Here is Cherry Peak this morning, nicely buried near the Idaho border and reporting 11" of fresh:

Powder Mountain also saw snow stacking up all night as this persistent band hung overhead:

PowMow is once again my pick for today. If you can get a ticket, it's going to be absolutely gangbusters. If you can't get a ticket or make the drive... lol. 

Farther south in the central Wasatch, Cottonwoods and PC area are reporting 3-9", most of that fell during the day on Saturday. We saw clearing with only a few occasional showers overnight as most of it stayed north. 

Today, that band will sag south and bring snow this morning into the afternoon to the central Wasatch areas. Latest GFS shows 0.4" of liquid and over 6" of snow for LCC:

Continuing well into tonight. The HRRR is quite similar:

I think ratios will be higher than this indicates and I think we could get some heavier banding that may boost totals. Overall, 6-12" today seems like a good bet. Should be a very good, albeit cold, day in the Cottonwoods/PC. 

This band of snow will sag south today into tonight and southern Utah resorts (Eagle Point/Brian Head) should get snow as well with 4-8" possible by tomorrow when the storm exits. We will be dry and very cold for the first half of the upcoming week. 

Extended Forecast

Gradual warming with high pressure in control later this week. A system will try to break through the ridge for Saturday but shouldn't have much luck. We should see a few clouds and maybe a couple light showers, but the ridge will win this battle. Another system should have better luck around Monday, Feb 6. Models are pretty consistent having Utah get at least some energy. In general, the pattern looks to gradually get more favorable for storms during the second week of February. 

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