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Our storm brought anywhere from 3 to 11" of snow to northern Utah mountains since yesterday. We see additional Tuesday snow showers, then a drying and warming trend.

Short Term Forecast


Alta Ski Area shows 7" of new snow since yesterday for 901" for the season. This is an automated report so it isn't confirmed yet. But with 0.72" of liquid it would make sense. Also, the snow stake shows 5" on it this morning:

It had 2" on there when it was cleared yesterday. So 7" seems like an accurate numbers and we only needed 6" to get there as of yesterday morning. I'm quite happy, it feels much better to say "the 900-inch season" rather than the "nearly 900-inch season." 

Elsewhere, Solitude is reporting an impressive 11" of new snow today and they are fully open. Because of a lot of closures, reports have been slow to come in today. 5" at Park City is the only other report I have as of 5:45am. I'd guess, based on webcam images, that generally 3-11" fell in northern Utah high elevations. 

Snow showers continue today as the system slowly departs east. Temperatures have dropped substantially, falling from the 30s yesterday on the mountain to the teens today. We could pick up another 1-3" today as showers continue off and on with some wraparound moisture possible tonight.

We should clear out for good tonight with a dry, warming trend through the weekend. The melt-off will re-commence. 

Extended Forecast

Hard to say on details, but there are signs we could see a more active pattern possible in early May. We will just have to keep an eye on that. 

Evan | OpenSnow