By Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist Posted 12 years ago November 24, 2011

And the winner is...

It's still early in the season. Like, waaaaay early. It's not even December. So I wouldn't get too excited if you're in Washington state, or too disappointed if you're in Utah or Colorado. Well, if you're in Washington - go ahead and get excited because you deserve it (just stay humble).

From the remote backcountry weather stations called SNOTEL, here is a map of the average snow amount on the ground compared to average for today, Thanksgiving. By the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

The numbers on the map show the percent of average snowpack in each river basin as of today. Clearly, Washington state is winning with many areas of the Cascades between 150-200% of average. And while it's felt rather "meh" in terms of snow around Utah and Colorado, most basins are just about right on average. Nobody likes average, but hey - it's not that bad.

Last season, things really started to crank for the rockies around November 20th. Not so this season, but stay tuned. The pattern looks to shift by next weekend. It's still too early to tell details, but Washington could get drier and the central rockies could get snowier.

Enjoy your Turkey, you turkeys:-)

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