By Sam Collentine, Meteorologist Posted 4 years ago May 23, 2019

OpenSummit Website & Android App Updates

OpenSummit is our summer service that provides precipitation, lightning, temperature, and wind forecasts for mountain locations across the United States.

Since we first launched the service in the fall of 2016, we've continued to grow our audience on the iOS app, expanded the hourly forecasts to over 1,000 locations, and combined all OpenSnow & OpenSummit accounts, including the All-Access subscription.

Today, we are excited to introduce the first version of the OpenSummit website and Android app.

Search & Explore

Search for over 1,000 mountain locations across the United States with the Explore screen and the top navigation bar. The Explore screen also provides a quick glance at any location's forecast with our green, yellow, and red rating system.

Jump into the hourly weather forecast for each location by clicking the location preview box that appears on the Explore screen.

Hourly Weather Forecasts

Each mountain location includes the chance of precipitation, lightning potential, temperature, and wind speed.

Chance of Precipitation: The y-axis provides a range in precipitation percentage. The x-axis provides the time and chance of precipitation for each hour. We also include the precipitation type. Rain is green, rain/snow is purple, and hourly data for snow is blue.

Lightning Potential: The y-axis provides a range from none to very high. The x-axis provides the time and lightning potential for each hour. Green is a low chance, yellow is a medium chance, and the hourly data for a high or very high chance is red.

Temperature: The y-axis provides the range in temperature. The x-axis provides the time and temperature on a continuous blue line.

Wind Speed: The y-axis provides the range in wind speed. The x-axis provides the time on a continuous line for sustained wind speed and dots for hourly wind gusts. Wind forecasts below 30 mph are blue. Wind forecasts equal too or above 30 mph are red.

Additional forecast data and locations will be added over time.


The Basecamp screen provides a list of your favorite mountains, along with the ability to view the next 5 days with our green, yellow, and red rating system. 

Add mountains to your Basecamp by clicking the star on any mountain location or by editing your list in the Settings > Your Basecamp.

Learn Helpful Tips

Read helpful outdoor and weather tips to always be prepared on your next mountain adventure.

OpenSummit App

Don't forget to download the OpenSummit iOS & Android app to access data on-the-go!

Click HERE to download from the App Store and Google Play.

OpenSnow & OpenSummit

As of April 30, 2019, ONE login and ONE subscription is all you need to see the All-Access features on BOTH OpenSnow and OpenSummit.

Use your existing OpenSnow email address and password to log in to both services. All of your favorites will remain the same.

Click HERE for more details.

Feedback & Support

Your feedback is incredibly important to us so please reach out to [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible!


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