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New Year, New Features

Update: here's a link to the features

Happy 2013!
Here's what we have in store for you...

OpenSnow.com started as separate small independent blog sites dedicated to specific areas like Colorado or Tahoe, and we came together to create one site because we realized that working together was better than working apart. We're not a big corporation...we're just a couple of snow-loving, hard-working weather forecasters who get joy from helping you find the best snow. It's been almost five years since the first emails were sent and blog posts written, and we're thrilled with the current site and that over a half a million people have stopped by to find powder.

Our goal is to delight you, knock your socks off, and help you find the snow of your dreams. Six months ago we started designing and building new features that we hoped you would love. Later this month these new features will be ready for prime time. Our earliest and most loyal supporters will get early access starting January 28th.

What you currently see on OpenSnow.com will continue to be free. We know snow is important, but we also know that you spend your money wisely, so if you just want to stop by for the best forecast without signing up for anything or shelling out any dollar bills, we're happy to have you. Come by now and again, every day, or many times per day.

If you want a bit more out of the site, create an account for free in under 30 seconds and enjoy a more personalized experience. This will allow you to receive customized email alerts or save time and effort by viewing forecasts and reports for a list of your favorite resorts. Again, creating an account is free, so why not? And don't worry; we won't sell your email address as we think that's a pretty bad thing to do and certainly does not accomplish our goal of delighting you.

And finally, if you absolutely adore snow and can't get enough of it, we think you're going to love the new features in our Pro and SuperPro options. These features will begin testing on January 28th and we couldn't be more excited. There will be a reasonable yearly cost for these features, and here's why: We think you're going to love them, and we want to work for you. Yes, we do make some money from advertising (not a lot, actually), but that also means we are working for advertisers, not for you. This stinks because it's you, our most loyal followers, that have made our site's success possible. If you love the new features and want to support a business that helps you find joyful experiences in the snow, we'd love to have you as a paying customer. We'll work tirelessly to make you happy, and I know the "Pro" and "SuperPro" features are going to be things that you won't find anywhere else on the internet. If you support us with your hard-earned dollars, we can keep working hard to improve our forecasts and make it easier for you to find great snow in the locations and at the times you care about most.

OpenSnow Pro OpenSnow.com SuperPro

For 2013, we're keeping what you love about OpenSnow.com free and adding new features that will knock your socks off and that you won't find anywhere else. I couldn't be more proud of our small team of snow-loving weather forecasters and developers. Stay tuned for more details, and here's to a fantastic and snowy 2013!

Update: here's a link to the features.

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