By Sam Collentine, Meteorologist Posted 9 years ago November 21, 2014

TOP TEN: Pictures - Snowpocalypse In Buffalo

The lake effect snowstorm that absolutely DUMPED on the greater Buffalo, New York area has finally come to an end. To commemorative the event, here are the top 10 images that will forever live on in our memories. 

#10 - Highway outside Buffalo

Image Source: @NYGovCuomo

#9 - This guy

Image Source: @BloombergNews

#8 - Landing in Buffalo

Image Source: @JamesAFry

#7 - Garage

Image Source: @TrainerAmyIndy

#6 - Satellite view

Image Source: NOAA

#5: View from above

Image Source: @Gothamist

#4 - Where's my house?

Image Source: @dynamodreams

#3 - Is this the right address?

Image Source: @dynamodreams

#2 - The NFL cancelled Sunday's game because there was too much snow at Ralph Wilson Stadium

Image Source: @buffalobills


Image Source: @NWSBinghamton

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