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Here It Comes...


The sun is out on Saturday before a colder, windy, and snowy 18 - 24 hour time period arrives for Saturday night into Sunday. After the moderate snow storm rolls through we'll have dry and milder weather all of next week. The pattern is likely to change going into the 3rd week of February with more snow...

Short Term Forecast

Saturday & Sunday Wind & Snow

Our storm is on the doorstep. It's already quite windy out there with summit gusts almost 50 MPH out of the Southwest. It's mild at the moment with temps in the mid 30's already and a few degrees of warming is still possible before much colder air arrives later this evening. By Sunday though we'll see temps in the teens. 


There will be sun and clouds throughout the day as the storm approaches with increasing winds over the summit by the afternoon. Gusts up to 60 MPH are likely out of the Southwest and that will continue even more tonight into Sunday morning. Winds up to 80 - 100 MPH are likely throughout Saturday night and early Sunday morning. By later Sunday afternoon winds should calm down some out of the Northwest up to 35 MPH. Lift operations could be affected both later this afternoon and Sunday morning. 

Snowfall Forecast 

Several of the models have trended even wetter in the last 24 hours. That means more snow for us! Which is a great way to start February as we're going into another almost week long dry period after this storm. Snow levels look to start in the 6K FT range Saturday evening and then drop to below 4K by Sunday morning and likely go even lower by Sunday evening in the 2K FT range. 

Total precip amounts are now closer to 1.7 inches so at 10:1 that's 17 inches and I'm expecting snow ratios in the 10 - 16:1 range. Safe to say I should increase the forecast a little bit. I'm bumping everything up at least 2 inches. 13 - 18 inches at the base and 17 - 22 inches up on the summit is what I'm expecting to fall by Monday morning. The majority of the snow will fall by Sunday morning though with good snow showers Sunday morning and drier skies by later in the afternoon. 

I'm feeling pretty good about this storm delivering over a foot at Main Lodge and maybe if we're lucky 2 FT up top, but right now I'm thinking closer to 15 - 20 inches across the whole mtn. We'll see where we land by Monday morning. 

Monday - Wednesday 

As I've mentioned earlier in the week we're going to see about a week long dry period after our storm this weekend. Monday, the 6th will be cooler with highs in the 20's and gusty Northeast winds up to 40 MPH. 

Tuesday should warm up into the upper 20's and low 30's with lighter winds and plenty of sun. The very weak system for Wednesday, the 8th is trending further to our North so other than clouds and some wind it's unlikely we'll see any precip from it. 

Highs will moderate by Wednesday with 30's across the mtn and lighter winds and likely plenty of sun. 

Extended Forecast

The models continue to show our dry spell lasting through at least early next weekend. There are signs that the pattern is shifting by next weekend into a wetter one but the details are not fully known yet. 

I'm seeing the models show a weaker storm coming in Sunday February 12th and clearing out by Monday. This storm would be measured in inches at this time. But since it's more than a week out there's plenty of details that can change about it. 

The 3rd week of February, starting with Sunday the 12th should turn more active with potentially multiple storms that week. The models are picking up on this but because it's over a week out I'm not going into any details. 

Let's get through our dry week and see what things look like by next weekend. 

Till the next one... Mike out.