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A dry start to the week turns wet on Wednesday


Resorts around the Great Lakes cashed in on some nice late-season lake effect snow this weekend. We start this week dry with above freezing temperatures. A round of storm systems will bring scattered rain on Wednesday continuing through Saturday, with some snow possible north and west on Saturday. Updates on closing days are in the Announcements! Read on to see what will happen this week…

Short Term Forecast

Late season lake effect snow continued on Sunday with higher snow totals than expected in western NY. Holiday Valley ended up cashing in with 10 inches from Saturday and Sunday. Check out the views of the fresh tracks and heavy snow Sunday morning and clear skies at sunset Sunday evening. 

Monday and Tuesday

This week will start off with mostly sunny skies and spring skiing conditions. Temperatures will be in the 40s on Monday and rise into the upper 40s and 50s on Tuesday. Below freezing overnight temperatures will make slopes hard in the morning but soften up quickly by the afternoon. 

Wednesday - Friday 

The next storm will affect the region on Wednesday with scattered rain showers. There is some model uncertainty regarding how much moisture will be associated with this storm, but either way, some light rain looks likely. A few initial wet snowflakes are possible in the western Mid-Atlanitc but will have minimal snow accumulations. 

The second round of rain will move in from the west on Thursday evening. This second storm will have more moisture with it and send potentially heavy rain into the region Thursday night through Friday. Here is a look at the GFS model’s depiction of precipitation type and intensity from 8 am Wednesday, March 22nd through 5 pm Friday, March 24th.

Another storm will track into the region on Saturday, March 25th with a slight snow potential north and west. 

Extended Forecast

The third storm of this week will move into the region on Saturday, March 25th. There is a lot of model uncertainty regarding the storm track, because of the two storm systems on Wedneday and Thursday/Friday. These two storms will affect how far south this third storm can dip.

There is some model indication it could dip south enough to bring cold air to the northern and western Mid-Atlantic. This would bring some snow accumuilations, so let’s keep an eye on this. Here is a look at the Euro (left) and GFS (right) model’s depiction of precipitation type and intensity on Saturday, March 25th. 

Following this storm system, the weather pattern at the end of March and beginning of April looks like a classic spring patter. This means storms will continue to track through the region, which means some initial snow is possible, but most snow chances will come from after the cold front or backside snow. The northern Mid-Atlanitc has the highest potential of snow moving forward. 

Here is a look at the Climate Prediction Center’s temperature and precipitation probability from Monday, March 27h to Sunday, April 2nd. 

Thanks for reading and I will have the next forecasting Wednesday.

Zach Butler, Meteorologist for the Mid-Atlantic Daily Snow. 


Here are some resorts where I’ve been able to keep track of projected closing dates and which ones are still open with no closing date information yet. 

Project Closing Dates:

March 26th - Wisp, MD. Elk Mountain, PA. Sawmill, PA. Shawnee, PA
March 27th - Timberline, WV (subject to change)
April 2nd - Snowshoe, WV. Windham, NY. 
April 9th - Holiday Valley, NY. 

Resorts that are still open with no closing date announcement yet:

NJ - Mountain creek

NY - Belleayre, Bristol, Buffalo Ski Club, Greek Peak, HoliMont, Hunter, Kissing Bridge, Labrador, Peek’n Peak, Song, Swain

PA - JackFrost/BigBoulder, Blue Mountain, Camelback, Montage Mountain, Seven Springs