Tahoe Daily Snow

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Twas the White Before Christmas...

Snow began to push into the Tahoe Basin early this morning.  We will see snow most of the day today.  Tonight the snow tapers off to scattered snow showers.  Highs will only be in the 20's today with gusty winds of up to 25 mph at lake level, 50 mph on the mountains, and over 75 mph on the ridge tops.

By Christmas morning we should have 5-10 inches of new snow at lake level, and 10-15 inches on the mountains.  West of the lake and along the crest slightly more is possible with up to 20 inches on the mountain tops.

The sun comes out for the weekend but the cold stays.  High's will only be in the teens on the mountains and 20's at lake level.  Overnight lows in the single digits and even below zero for the lowest valleys including Truckee. By Sunday we will start to have inversions and slight warming into the 30's.

There is a chance for a weak system to bring light snow showers Monday.  But overall we are transitioning to a drier pattern for maybe 2 weeks.  High pressure will build over the West next week with milder and dry conditions.

Long-range forecast models still showing a pattern change around the 7th of January where storms could start cutting under the ridge parked over Western Canada and the Pacific NW.  That is starting to look like the pattern we would expect for a strong El Nino.  The storms should increase as we go further into January.

Today is not a good day for travel with the light density snow coming down hard and being blown around.  I would advise not traveling but I know there will be a lot of people traveling.  I will be trying to get home off of Donner Summit to my family this afternoon and not looking forward to that drive.  Be safe and get to your families alive for the holidays.