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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 2 months ago December 4, 2023

A Lot of Rain and Then a Snowy Pattern


We came out better than expected during the cold phase of the storm, and maybe we can do the same during the warm phase. The deluge continues today (Monday) with very heavy rain at all elevations, but by Wednesday snow returns with a few days of light snow. A bigger and colder storm is possible next weekend.

Short Term Forecast

Well, today is going to be wet, and warm. We’ll measure the rain in inches over the next two days, and we just have to hope the snowpack holds up. Check out the National Blend of Models rain forecast through midday Wednesday.

Below is the satellite picture from yesterday of the current storm with the atmospheric river on the southeast flank, approaching the Wqashington coast.

In the meantime, the warming and added moisture to the snowpack will create dangerous avalanche conditions. While the rain and humidity will work to melt the snowpack, at least the winds won’t be too strong, which may prevent the worst-case melting scenario from happening. Still, the humid conditions and 4 to 6 in of rain courtesy of the atmopsheric river will wreak havoc.  

Heavy rain will fall all day Monday and Tuesday, finally starting to let up a bit Tuesday night. Snow levels will start to fall on Tuesday, but coming from 8k, it will likely take until Tuesday night for them to be low enough for snow at upper elevations of resorts.

The upper-level low responsible for directing the atmospheric river into Washington will be make its way inland, allowing showers to continue for a few days with a cold front pushing through the state. This should result in a few inches every 12 hours Wednesday night through Friday, totaling around 6 to 12 in. The trend over the last few days is for this period in the wake of the upper-level low to be more productive. 

Without much of a break, another storm is targeting the region for Friday.  This one looks cold and decently big, with the latest blend of models showin around 8 to 16 in by Sunday. It’s still early, so I’ll wait to fine-tune the details of this storm. 

Extended Forecast

More storms are possible next weekend and the following week. The potential weekend storm looms minor but the middle of the following week has potential. 

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Luke Stone
Forecaster, OpenSnow

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