By Sam Collentine, Meteorologist Posted 9 years ago October 10, 2014

VIDEO: Patrol dog's day at the office

Rio is more than your typical 3-year-old Golden Retriever. 


She is also a certified avalanche search and rescue dog, a member of the Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment Team, and an employee of Arapahoe Basin since 2012.

Her patrol handler, assistant patrol director Matt Norfleet, and her owners, Rob and Debbie Ware, have spent hours working with Rio to hone her obedience and elevate her skills as a rescue dog. Rio has become an example to others in the Avalanche Dog Training Program at the Basin, and is one of the best helpers when educating Arapahoe Basin guests about snow safety and enjoying their day on the mountain.

Last spring, during a very snowy May, Arapahoe Basin recorded a “day in the office” video for their patrol dog, Rio. It's awesome. Watch below!

Sam Collentine | OpenSnow 

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