By Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist Posted 11 years ago December 24, 2011

Powder new years? Head north.

Powder lovers...looking for something to do over the next week? Fine with appeasing the family on Christmas or Chanukkah, but want to appease yourself with powder for New Years? Cool. Head north. After snow snowless weeks, the weather pattern will change enough to provide tons of powder to Washington, Oregon, northern Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Tahoe, Utah, and central/northern Colorado will also get decent snow from Tuesday through Friday next week, but I think the deepest totals will be around Big Sky, MT, Jackson or Grand Targhee, WY, into the panhandle of Idaho, and in the northern cascades of Washington. Off-and-on storms will roll through these areas from Tuesday through perhaps Saturday, so maybe, just maybe you'll want to celebrate the end of 2011 with four powder days in a row. Just saying...

Precipitation forecast from Tuesday through Saturday of next week. Numbers are in liquid inches, not snow. Multiply by about 15 to figure out the snow forecast.
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