By Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist Posted 6 years ago October 1, 2017

Ski Industry Update Sep 2017

Special thanks to SIA (Snowsports Industries America) and SIA Research Manager Ryan Coombs for providing this behind-the-scenes look at the business behind the snow that we all love.

How many people participated in the US during 2016-2017?

Downhill Ski - 12.6 million

Snowboard - 7.6 million

Cross Country - 5.0 million

Snowshoe - 3.7 million

Telemark - 2.5 million

How many skiers are CORE (9+ times per season)?

Downhill Ski Total - 12.6 million

Only two times per season - 9.4 million or 75%

CORE 9+ times per season - 3.0 million or 24%

How many snowboarders are CORE (9+ times per season)?

Snowboard Total - 7.6 million

Only two times per season - 5.7 million or 75%

CORE 9+ times per season - 1.9 million or 25%

How many days did we ski and ride during 2016/2017?

Total days - 54.7 million

Ski - 39.7 million or 73%

Snowboard - 15.0 million or 27%

What is the piece of gear with the highest margin?

Helmets - 49.5%

What is the piece of gear with the lowest margin?

Snowboard - 33.1%

How much gear was sold during 2015/2016 and 2016/2017?

Skis - 526,000 in 15/16, 625,000 in 16/17 (+19%)

Snowboards - 406,000 in 15/16, 409,000 in 16/17 (+83%)

Alpine boots - 774,000 in 15/16, 709,000 in 16/17 (-9%)

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