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Copper Mountain Daily Snow

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Warm and windy for closing day at Copper


Closing day will be warm with temperatures in the 40s and winds will be gusty.

Short Term Forecast

On Saturday night, we saw a few snow showers and a dusting of accumulation on the mid-mountain snow stake.

And now on Sunday, this is it, it’s closing day. Skies will be mostly sunny, temperatures will be warm with highs in the 40s, and winds will be gusty with speeds of 35-50mph during the midday and afternoon.

Extended Forecast

Sunday is closing day at Copper, so sadly, there is no longer-range forecast (though there will be more snow on April 27-28 and May 3-5:-).

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Meteorologist at OpenSnow.com

Snow conditions as of Sunday morning

New snow mid-mountain:
* 0-1” (24 hours Saturday 500am to Sunday 500am)
* 0-1” (Overnight Saturday 400pm to Sunday 500am)

Last snowfall:
* 6” Wednesday to Saturday (Apr 21-24)

* 16 of 23 lifts
* 100 of 152 trails
* Latest update

Snowpack compared to the 30-year average:
* 77%

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