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Snowy Storm Train Continues to Plow Through the Alps & Pyrenees


The biggest in the series of three storms dropped significant snow on the Alps on Tuesday 11/22. Not all resorts are reporting, but some of the totals have been impressive. As mentioned in the last forecast, the pattern remains active with continued chances for snowfall through the next 10 days.

Short Term Forecast

The Monday/Tuesday storm delivered. Of the mountains that were reporting, many saw over 60 cms on the lower and middle elevations, with even more up high. This storm brought widespread accumulating snow down to lower elevations and really helped a number of resorts get closer to opening. Below are a few shots from the storm from Austria and Italy.

Forecast for Friday 11/25 - Sunday 11/27

As has been the case for the past week in the Alps and Pyrenees, there won't be much of break between storms. While one storm finished up last night, the next one will be getting underway today. This round of snow won't be particularly deep in the Alps and Pyrenees, but will continue to pile up over the next few days. Temperatures will be on the cooler side for this event, a little bit below normal for this time of year, as seen below.

The southern Apenines will see the biggest totals from this wave, with up to 40 cms possible. Passo Lanciano and Camp Imperatore may be the big winners here. Check out the snow map below for the totals from this storm. 

Forecast for Monday 11/28 - Tuesday 11/29

The next round of snow should start in the Pyrenees Monday morning, and they will be the deepest from this storm. This storm will track a bit farther west and south, bringing the Pyrenees up to 40 cms, while amounts in the Alps will be less, likely not exceeding 10 cms. Again, temperatures will be below normal, resulting in low snow levels. You can see the widespread below normal temperatures below.

Resorts like La Pierre St Martin and Gourette, in the western Pyrenees, should do best. Another snow map below, for the two days ending Tuesday night. 

Overall, another solid pattern for the next five days, with snow accumulating from the Pyrenees to the Alps and to the Apennines. 

Extended Forecast

Outlook for Wednesday 11/30 - Sunday 12/04

Fortunately, it looks like the storm blocking ridge will be far enough to the north to allow storms to continue to impact southern Europe. Around Wednesday the 30th, the same storm that just dumped on the Pyrenees will stall, and begin to track Northwest up the coast of Italy. Check out the gif below showing the track of this upcoming storm, as well as the ridge developing to the north.

This will bring increased chances for snow in the Alps once again. Right now, this looks like another moderate event. Eventually, this storm will get absorbed by another upper level disturbance, bringing even more chances for snow across the region. I will have an update on that in the next forecast. 

Thanks again for reading the forecast. Overall, the Alps and Pyrenees have been adding significant snowfall during the last week, and that should continue in the next 10 days. Follow me @lstone84 on Instagram to track and chase storms all Winter long!