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Western Italian Alps and Southern Austrian Alps Continue to get Nailed


The stalled low pressure system over the Mediterranean will continue to bring snow to Austria through Tuesday and the Italian Alps through Wednesday. This storm will continue to bring some light snow to the Alps through the middle of the week, with the next chance at heavy snow early next week.


Heavy snow continues in the Italian Alps, at places like Prali, seen below, with more to come. 

Forecast for Tuesday 1/24 - Wednesday 1/25

Expect an additional 25 - 50 cms in the upper elevations of the western Italian Alps, with another heavy wave arriving Wednesday morning and lasting through the day.

 Another 10-20 cms expected for the southern side of the Austrian Alps through Wednesday. 

Forecast for Thursday 1/26 - Sunday 1/29

While the slow moving low pressure system continues to linger over the Mediterranean, it will bring light snow to the Alps, mainly the northern side of the mountains in Austria, over the next couple of days. No more than 5 - 10 cms expected.

Forecast for Monday 1/30 - Friday 2/3

The next big chance for snow looks to be around Monday night. Models have come into better agreement on a more westerly track, which would allow for moderate to heavy snow for the central and western Alps. It looks like two waves of snow will impact the Alps, one from Monday to Tuesday, and another from Wednesday to Friday. Although these are two different storms, there probably won't be much of a break in between. With a more easterly track than most recent storms, it does look like Austria would be the deepest from this one. However, there's still plenty of time for the details to fully emerge.