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- Heavy snow continues Sunday and then light-moderate snow Sunday night into Monday. Ridgetop winds gusting from the southwest up to 60+ mph Sunday. Highs in the 20s on the upper mountains and 30s at lake level. Snow levels staying below lake level. We could see an additional 1-2+ feet of snow on the mountains by Monday morning, & an additional 6-18 inches at lake level. - The storm continues to bring snow showers Monday becoming more scattered for Monday night into Tuesday. It stays cold and the winds become lighter. We could see an additional 6-16 inches on the mountains & 4-12 inches at lake level. - Sun & clouds with scattered snow showers possible Wednesday through Friday as one storm departs and the next approaches. Then we could see another storm move into CA next weekend bringing us more snow. - The active pattern may continue through the week of the 23rd with additional storms moving into CA.

Short Term Forecast

Update Sunday 5 PM:

I was able to compile several snowfall measurements today from the ski areas. 2 - 3.5 feet reported this morning so far for storm totals.


All of the ski areas around the lake have now closed indefinitely so I'm not sure how many more measurements I'll be able to get this week for storm totals, but hopefully at least a few.

From Sunday Morning:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post this morning, I will get into that at the end. To maintain a sense of normalcy and escape from reality, let's get into this big snowstorm!

Snowfall Report:

It is going to be hard to get all of our normal snowfall numbers with most of the ski areas closed. Also, the snotel at the Snow Lab is not giving a reading for some reason. So I will be reliant on a few ski areas that report and observations from readers. If we don't have recordings from some ski areas this week that could be unprecedented and the data could be gone from the historical records forever.

Heavy snow moved in during the morning northwest of the lake on Saturday, then heavy snow pushed to the south and east sides by afternoon. Heavy snow fell all night and continues this morning. As of 5 PM last night Sugar Bowl had reported 13 inches so far, and there is another 2 feet on the stake early this morning from overnight. That means they have likely picked up over 3 feet so far, and I believe that looking at the big piles on some of the tables at the base this morning.


The heaviest snow sat over the Tahoe basin with a bit less to the south. I received a report from Bear Valley this morning of 15 inches falling in the past 24 hours for a storm total of 16 inches so far. Not sure if I will get a few more reports this morning or not, but I'll update later today on what I can accumulate. At lake level readers in Truckee were reporting nearly 2 feet last night, so they are likely approaching 3 feet this morning with 1.5-3 feet likely on the ground around the lake.

The snowfall amounts so far are running about a foot higher than expected this morning. We were expecting up to 2.5 feet on the mountains and up to 1.5 feet at lake level. We may be running as much as a foot ahead of forecast in spots, especially Truckee and northwest of the lake.

The Forecast:

Low pressure continues to sit nearly stationary off the coast this morning. 


That continues to direct a stream of moisture aimed at the Sierra...


Heavy snow is expected to continue through most of the day today. Then the intensity should back off some this even as the low shifts south down the coast a little tonight. But still expecting steady snow showers Sunday night.

Temperatures in the 20s on the mountains to low 30s for lake level for highs. Ridgetop winds gusting to 60+ mph still this morning, and that could continue to most of the day. Snow levels still sitting around 4500-5000 ft. and then falling to 3500-4000 ft. Sunday night.

Total additional precip amounts on the models from 4 AM Sunday through 4 AM Monday are ranging between 1.4 - 2.1 inches along the crest. The 100 model average is 1.64 inches. 

wpc 1

Snow ratios around 11-14:1 on the mountains Sunday and then increasing to 14-18:1 Sunday night. The range on the models for additional snowfall along the crest is 20-30 inches. Here is the forecast for additional snowfall by Monday morning based on the model average.

snowfall 1

That will bring storm totals to around 3-5 feet on the mountains most likely by Monday morning.

Monday - Tuesday:

The snowfall intensity continues to back off on Monday and winds become lighter. We could still see some steady snow showers Monday with several inches of additional snowfall. As the low shifts farther south into Tuesday the precipitation becomes much more scattered Monday night into Tuesday. Temperatures stay cold with highs into the 20s on the mountains and 30s at lake level.

Additional total precip amounts of 0.8 - 1.3 inches possible along the crest over the 2 days, with most of that falling Monday and much lighter amounts Monday night into Tuesday.

wpc 2

Here is the potential additional snowfall for the 2 days, again most of this falling Monday with the latest model runs showing an inch or two after that, depending on where scattered showers fall.

snowfall 2

Wednesday - Friday:

Expecting sun & clouds with a chance for scattered snow showers for the 2nd half of the week as one storm departs slowly and another approaches. Temperatures warm slightly with highs into the 30s on the mountains and near 40 at lake level.

Next Weekend:

The next storm moving towards CA for next weekend we will have to watch all week. The models do not agree on the track and how much precipitation we could see. For now, expecting unsettled weather with the chance for at least more light snow.

Extended Forecast

The trough is forecast to remain over the West Coast through the end of the month. That should keep temperatures near to below average, and keep the storm door open.


The long-range models show several systems lining up that could move into CA through the week of the 23rd and into the weekend of the 28th.


Still a chance that we could see another decent storm or two before the end of the month. Hopefully, we have the records to show total snowfall someplace along the crest through the end of the month.

Stay tuned...BA


I'm sure that most of you saw that a majority of ski areas decided late yesterday to close indefinitely starting today due to the COVID-19 containment efforts. Here is a list that are closed today as of 5 a.m. this morning, with Tahoe Donner closing Monday.

- Squaw
- Alpine Meadows
- Tahoe Donner
- Sugar Bowl
- Boreal
- Northstar
- Sierra at Tahoe
- Heavenly
- Kirkwood
- Mammoth
- Dodge Ridge
- June Mountain

Here is a statement from the two biggest ski resort management companies about the closures.

The team here at OpenSnow feels the pain of all of the workers that just lost their jobs without warning, we also understand what just happened to the local small business community as this will have a negative effect our business as well. Our thoughts, prayers, and support for our fellow industry workers and business owners.

On a less important note, myself and the team have heavy hearts today as we too are powder chasers and I live for forecasting snow so people can ski it. There is still the backcountry and other activities, but please don't venture out there as the avalanche danger is very high right now. When it subsides be sure you are trained and have the right gear.

We understand the reasons for the resort closures. Hopefully, we can stomp out this virus and get the country back to normal soon. Please help and support those around you in need. Support local businesses that are going to suffer from this if you aren't being affected yourself and can help. 


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