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Pictures of early-season snow plus outlook to mid October


Snow is coating the peaks of mountains from Montana to Arizona and we’ll see additional high-elevation snow through the rest of this week (October 12). After that, it looks like we’ll transition from winter back to autumn with warmer weather for much of the US and Canada into mid-October.

Short Term Forecast

Last week, we talked about how a cold and slow-moving storm should bring snow to most of the Rocky Mountains of the western US.

This has happened, and here are the pictures to prove it. Yay for snow!

Yes, that last picture is from Arizona. You have to love when a storm brings snow from Canada all the way to the southwestern states of the US!

For this week, Monday, October 8 through Friday, October 12, the storm over the Rocky Mountains will linger and snow will likely fall every day of the week.

But the upcoming weekend will bring a change, as the forecast on Saturday and Sunday, October 13-14, shows little snowfall across the US or western Canada.

To recap, the main gig this week will be the storm over the Rockies, giving way to drier weather over the weekend.

Extended Forecast

Looking ahead to next week, Monday, October 15 through Saturday, October 20, the forecast shows warmer-than-average temperatures for much of the western and northwestern areas of the US and Canada.

Cooler temperatures over the southwest and eastern regions could signify clouds and precipitation, but it likely will be not cold enough for widespread snow.

If you love to see early-season snow, October 8-12 over the Rockies is your time, and if you enjoy a prolonged autumn, October 13-20+ will treat you right.

I’ll be back on Sunday, October 14 with the next update to this "US and Canada" forecast.

In the meantime, check out the Colorado, Utah, and Tahoe Daily Snow Forecasts as our forecasters will be covering the current storm and any other early-season storms that stop by.

Thanks for reading!



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