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2023 New Feature Recap

We're always staying busy behind the scenes building new features and improving upon our existing products to make planning your next adventure even easier.

We can't thank you enough for your direct support of OpenSnow by subscribing to our All-Access subscription. Your support fuels new features and helps us continue to grow our team, including three new engineer hires this year.

Here's a recap of new features that we've released in 2023.

Live Snow (Experimental)

Live Snow is our name for the latest hour-by-hour snowfall data that we pull from thousands of weather stations across the United States and Canada.

You can use this feature to see how much snow has fallen in near real-time rather than waiting for an "official" measurement from a resort or another data service which often only reports once per day. 

Learn More → NEW: Live Snow

iOS Widgets

Track current conditions for your location and the latest snow forecast summary for your favorite locations, along with viewing the latest snapshot from your favorite mountain cams, directly from your iPhone home screen.

Our new “Current Conditions”, “Snow Summary”, and “Mountain Cams” widgets are available exclusively to All-Access subscribers with the OpenSnow iOS app installed.

Learn More → NEW: iOS Widgets

Active Fires Map

Track named fire incidents in the US & Canada, fire perimeters in the US & Canada, and satellite-detected hotspots, globally, with our "Active Fires" map overlay.

Start by pulling up the "Maps" tab and selecting the "Active Fires" overlay. You can then hover over the incidents, perimeters, and hotspots on your desktop or tap on your mobile device to view the available details.

Learn More → NEW: Active Fires Map

Favorite Winter & Summer Lists

Instead of one favorites list, you can now organize your favorite locations using our "Winter" and "Summer" lists so that you can view only the locations that you care about during that season.

For example, your "snow/ski/board" locations could be in your "Winter List" and your "dirt/hike/bike" locations could be in your "Summer".

Learn More → NEW: Favorite Winter & Summer Lists

10-Day Weather Forecast Views

We announced that our summer service, OpenSummit, will be retired and merged into OpenSnow.

As part of this merge, you can now use our new "Weather" tab on any location screen in OpenSnow to view summer weather forecast data (like lightning) for your dirt/hike/bike locations, while still using the "Snow Summary" tab to view winter weather forecast data for your snow/ski/board locations.

Learn More → NEW: 10-Day Weather Forecast Views

High-Res Smoke Forecast Maps

View two different sets of smoke forecast maps that will provide different resolution and geographic boundaries.

Our “Smoke Hi-Res (surface)” and “Smoke Hi-Res (sky)” maps provide a high-resolution smoke forecast for the next 2 days over the continental United States and southern Canada, while the “Smoke (surface)” and “Smoke (sky)” maps provide a lower-resolution smoke forecast for the next 2 days across all of North America.

Learn More → Track Wildfire Smoke & Air Quality With These Forecast Maps

Season Snowfall

View and compare the Season Snowfall for any ski resort or custom location, worldwide, in OpenSnow. The Snow Season (or Water Year) is defined as between October 1 and September 30 in the Northern Hemisphere and between April 1 and March 31 in the Southern Hemisphere.

Learn More → NEW: Season Snowfall

Historical Weather

View historical hourly weather for the past 5 days and historical daily weather for the past 10 days in OpenSnow. Use this estimated weather data for hiking or mountain biking to know if trails might be wet or muddy, for skiing to know how much snow your favorite backcountry area received, and much more.

Learn More → NEW: Historical Weather

Current Location Forecast

Tired of having multiple weather apps on your phone when one could solve all of your daily needs?

View the latest weather forecast for your current location or any other location, worldwide, in the OpenSnow app. Go to the "Favorites" screen and tap the "Weather" chip to view the latest estimated conditions for your current location. Tap into "Current Location" to view the full 5-day hourly and 10-day weather forecast.

Learn More → NEW: Current Location Forecast

Hourly & Daily Liquid Precipitation Forecasts

View liquid precipitation forecasts under the 5-day hourly and 10-day weather data charts on any location screen, along with hourly snowfall rates.

The new "Precipitation" weather forecast data is the amount of forecasted hourly or daily liquid precipitation. This would be the amount of liquid precipitation you would measure if you melted all of the snowfall.

Learn More → NEW: Hourly & Daily Liquid Precipitation Forecasts

Forecast Anywhere

Get the forecast for any location on Earth in OpenSnow.

This means that you can view our proprietary weather forecasts for your favorite backcountry ski location, camping destination, London, Denali, and yes, even for your home neighborhood or current location. Save up to 15 custom locations to view on your "Favorites" screen for quick and convenient access to the latest forecast.

Learn More → NEW: Forecast Anywhere

OpenSnow All-Access

An OpenSnow All-Access subscription is valid for 365 days and provides unlimited access to all of the features listed above. That means that when you upgrade today, your OpenSnow All-Access subscription will be good for the next year to...

  • Track every storm through the winter.
  • Find powder days and corn snow in the spring.
  • Avoid lightning and wildfire smoke during the summer.
  • Escape to the desert through the fall.

"I have been with OpenSnow for years. They started in a great place, providing targeted forecasts for skiers, and they have only become better, especially with their new Forecast Anywhere feature. Their forecasts are always more accurate compared to any other weather source. It's fully worth the subscription."

- January 2023 App Review

Learn More → All-Access Features & FAQ

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